City Series Litter Receptacles

The City Series of Litter Receptacles are unique in that the entire body is laser cut from a single piece of metal, eliminating the visible welds typical of most products. Custom laser cut patterns are an option as well. Aluminum lid lifts out for service. 32 Gal. black rigid liner is included. Hidden feet accept ½” anchor bolts. Bolts not included. For straight sided option see below.


  • Steel is standard aluminum is an option
  • Lid is steel or aluminum
  • Liner – 2x High Density Polyethylene liner with handles

Additional Options:

Custom pattern or logo, custom size, custom shape

Powder coat finish to match any RAL color: RAL Color Book 

Specifying our product is simple. Download the spec file below for the item you wish to specify. Contact us for pricing and more information.

CLR32-ST- Round 32 Gallon – Flat Lid

Dimensions: CLR32-ST: 32″ X 36″

CAD File: Click to Download

CLX24-ST- Round 32 Gallon- Straight Sided Option (No Flair) 

CAD File: Contact Us for CAD